Branded Print Materials

Branded Print Materials

With today’s fast paced environment businesses need to always be reinventing themselves. ┬áThis can mean a new campaign with a tagline that drives sales for that quarter, or a new roll out of a updated website design with consistent, updated graphics for the products and services they offer. ┬áThe realm of brand identity graphics ranges from website banners, promotional materials, merchandise, social media graphics, program graphics, etc.

As a business it is important not only to show a sense of consistency, but that you are always looking to try something new, be better, change with the times, and embrace the needs and wants of the customer.

Visual Identity

Your brand identity does not end with print materials and advertising. Trade shows and conventions are a great way to meet new prospects and make a lasting impression through your presentation and personal interaction with them. Coordinating your booth displays with giveaways, brochures, business cards and your digital marketing efforts will create a cohesive and successful marketing strategy.

Creative Branding

Why is it important to create a consistent branding strategy for you company? The goal is always to be immediately recognizable to the public, and your prospective customers out there. Think of iconic brands that you can recognize the second their commercial begins - Target, Walmart, McDonalds - they have created a consistent visual theme that is used throughout all of their marketing in order to create a sense familiarity - or brand identity.

Stationery Designs

What is Brand Identity anyway? There is a difference between your company’s brand identity and the logo itself. Branding graphics use the same visual style and color palette as your logo to create a consistent brand identity for your company on print materials, promotional materials, social media and more. Your brand’s identity spreads even further than your graphics, and utilizes taglines and slogans to get your message out to consumers. Branding conveys the heart of your business – what is your mission, your vision and purpose in your industry?