Custom Logo Design

Logo Design

Harley Davidson. Coca Cola, Apple. Wouldn’t you love a brand that is so strong that consumers not only recognize it from across the room but wear it on their clothes or tattoo it on their backs! So, what makes a good brand? Relevance, simplicity, consistency and sustainability. Logo design alone won’t make you successful but the journey to defining and communicating your unique value to consumers might.

A logo is like a fingerprint, unique to every business.

What Is Branding?

A brand identity allows customers and fans to identify you, and have a visual representation that is recognizable, beginning with a custom designed logo. From corporations and businesses, to charities, products lines, and even television shows and movies, a logo is a graphic and bold way to make an impression.

The mood and attitude of any brand or company can be conveyed through custom logo design. Vibrant or subdued colors, geometric or organic line, fun loving or traditional typeface or font type - the right combination can be incredibly powerful.

Choosing A Logo

There are many pieces of a company logo that must be considered during the logo design process. From color to shape, subject matter and font style, each piece of the puzzle must be strategically put together to create not only a good looking logo, but an effective one.

Color communicates. It can say “This is an exciting place to be” or “Walk through this door and enjoy a relaxing escape.” At KSAVAGER Design, we speak Color, Form and Visual Communication. Let us help you define who you are, the image you want to portray and then weave it into every facet of your business.