Promotional Design

Promotional Design

Promotional Materials encompass everything from brochures and business cards,  to mailers, apparel, giveaways and beyond.  Promo items are a necessity for any business and create a sense of consistency in branding to loyal customers and prospective ones.  This type of merchandise is extremely popular at trade shows as giveaways, and serve as free advertising for you and your business!

From prospecting to closing sales and gaining new customers, having a clear and well designed message for marketing will take your company to the next level.

Why Use Promotional Design

Implementing a cohesive promotional design scheme for mailers, brochures, presentation folders and other print materials work as an attractive way to get your company's message out into the public. Make a lasting impression with unique and functional giveaways like luggage straps, USB flash drives or fitted hats with your logo on them. Each time those items are used, that person will be reminded of your business, the services you offer and maybe the interaction that you had with them. Take advantage of trade shows, post-sale interactions and contests to get your company's logo in front of people everywhere.

Promoting Strategically

With marketing as with many things in business, planning is key. Meet with your team on a quarterly basis and look at the upcoming months. Having an idea of what opportunities are down the pipeline for you may help inspire you - trade shows, holidays, local events - make the most of those opportunities with promotional design. Branded merchandise can take some time to be designed, ordered, completed and delivered, so don't wait until the last minute to think about your next event!