Identity Rebranding & Logo Updating

Identity Rebranding & Logo Updating

Branding is more than simply a company’s logo, it is the visual representation of that company and its message.  Your brand is how the public connects with your company, it’s a badge of trust that then is placed on the products and services that you represent.  Branding does not stop with a logo, it continues on through a website, business cards, uniforms or corporate attire, signage, invoices, delivery trucks, and social media accounts.  Because of the vast use and application of a brand, it must be carefully chosen, and have purpose and meaning behind it.

In today’s Digital Marketplace, the importance of branding and branding strategy cannot be overstated.

When a company, like Tracey Road Equipment of Central New York, has been around for 35 years its branding strategy becomes outdated.  At this point it is time to revaluate if that message is still valid, if it is still recognizable in the ever changing landscape of today’s marketplace, and if rebranding is in order.

In this case, Tracey Road Equipment felt that the original logo needed to simply be adapted to a cleaner more modern feel, and not completely abandoned.  This began the process of identity rebranding and logo updating.

It all began with the logo.  I offered a wide range of logo adaptations from clean and modern, to grungy and textured.  In the end, after rounds of group critiques and changes, a final logo redesign was agreed upon.  The new logo took the central “chevron” shape image of the original boxy logo, and gave it a sleek new chrome finish, with 3-dimensional touches to help it really pop.

This was back in 2011, right around the time the company was celebrating it’s 35th anniversary.  What an accomplishment!  Now, 4 years later as we approach the 40th anniversary of this family owned business, the logo has subtly evolved again.  The result, a clean, flat, simplified version of the same “chevron” inspired look that was chosen in the original rebranding.

There are many benefits to being a long standing corporation, but for those businesses it is imperative that an eye is always kept on the current state of marketing and is able to remain competitive and relevant.  Rebranding is not a choice to be made lightly, it is a serious commitment that takes work to implement, but will breath new life into an established brand, and drive it forward for years to come.