Snowmobiling In Summer


Albee’s Pond Hops

The months leading up to the last Sunday in July are always filled with a little taste of winter, and a lot of excitement.  For the snowmobile enthusiasts it means it’s time for the Pond Hops down at Albee’s Pond.  It may sound mildly insane, but on this hot summer day the snowmobiles get to come out and play, but what exactly is a Pond Hop?  Well a picture is worth a thousand words, but I’ll sum it up — Snowmobiles in Summer — they ride their sleds across the water.  It’s like some sort of cross between motocross,  snowmobiling and jet skiing that is one of our annual guilty pleasures.  Check out “Hop, Skip & A Jump” to read more!

Pond Hoppin' XIXPond Hoppin' XVIIIPond Hoppin' XVIIPond Hoppin' IIIPond Hoppin' XVIPond Hoppin' XVPond Hoppin' XIVPond Hoppin' XIIIPond Hoppin' XIIPond Hoppin' XIPond Hoppin' XPond Hoppin' IXPond Hoppin' VIIIPond Hoppin' VIIPond Hoppin' VIPond Hoppin' VPond Hoppin' IVPond Hoppin' IIPond Hoppin' IPond Hoppin' LIIIPond Hoppin' LIIPond Hoppin' LIPond Hoppin' LPond Hoppin' XLIXPond Hoppin' XLVIIIPond Hoppin' XLVIIPond Hoppin' XLVIPond Hoppin' XLVPond Hoppin' XLIVPond Hoppin' XLIIIPond Hoppin' XLIIPond Hoppin' XLIPond Hoppin' XLPond Hoppin' XXXIXPond Hoppin' XXXVIIIPond Hoppin' XXXVIIPond Hoppin' XXXVIPond Hoppin' XXXVPond Hoppin' XXXIVPond Hoppin' XXXIIIPond Hoppin' XXXIIPond Hoppin' XXXIPond Hoppin' XXXPond Hoppin' XXIXPond Hoppin' XXVIIIPond Hoppin' XXVIIPond Hoppin' XXVIPond Hoppin' XXVPond Hoppin' XXIVPond Hoppin' XXIIIPond Hoppin' XXIIPond Hoppin' XXIPond Hoppin' XX

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